CEUS are providing point of care stool behaviour monitorization for people with Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

This impairing disease, also referred to as IBS, has fluctuating activity levels.

By closely monitoring increase and decrease of the activity level, patients will gain control over their disease through Point of Care testing.

Introducing Aphodius

With Aphodius, doctors and patients are able to monitor the activity level of the disease in real-time, 

resulting in better medical insight for the doctor and less pain for the patient.

How it works

The device is easily attached to the toilet bowl in the house of the patient. 

Novel Hardware

Each toilet visit by the IBS-patient is being measured with the novel technology within Aphodius.

A combination of photonics and optical imaging makes it possible to collect valuable data without the need of physical interaction with the stool.

The data is then sent to the CEUS software for further analysis.

CEUS Software

Multiple datapoints are filled in by the patient through their smartphone application. Combined with the data collected from Aphodius, CEUS calculates the activity level using Machine Learning.


Interested in learning more about the Technology Readiness Level? 

Point of Care

The calculated result from Aphodius and software is then available in the smartphone application for the patient, enabling self-management for treatment of the disease. 


The results are also provided in an intuitive dashboard for the Health Care Provider, if immediate medical care is needed.

With powerful monitorization, patient and doctor are able to gain control of the disease, and to provide the optimal treatment plan, in the given time.


Jess Jerltorp

Co-founder, CEO


Technology Entrepreneurship,

Technical University of Denmark

Andreas Mortensen

Co-founder, CTO


Mechanical Engineering,

Technical University of Denmark

Advisory Board

Karina Rothoff-Brix

CEO, DTU Learn For Life

Marie Lommer Bagger

CEO, Measurelet

Alice Højer Christensen

Gastrointestinal Doctor, Aleris-Hamlet